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  • Fa. Lemke Laborbedarf
    Technische Steine - Laborbedarf

    Idarwaldstr. 19
    D-55758 Bruchweiler

    Phone:  + 49 6786 1854
    Telefax: + 49 6786 7274


About us

Our company, Lemke GmbH Laborbedarf, is located in the region between Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Trier and Idar-Oberstein which is called Hunsrueck. This region is famous for its "Deutsche Edelsteinstrasse", the big woods and several precious stone locations and companies.

Unser Standort in der Nordpfalz
Unser Standort in der Nordpfalz

We produce Achate products for technical use, such as laboratory tests etc., in our shop we also sell other minerals and rough stones for hobby users or collectors. Achate lights and some other shop parts are still made by us, every piece unique, as a natural stone is.

Our shop parts are always in move, because we see what the customers want and also buy old stuff and small amounts of rough stones or other parts.

So best way is to visit our shop or contact us using the contact form and ask for Stones and pieces of you interest.
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Mortar Agate StandardMortar Agate Standard
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You can look for agate on your ownYou can look for agate on your own
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